Fast and Easy-To-Use Decoy Spray


Enhance faded colors to original - make vivid colors pop and natural flat tones more realistic and long-lasting


Repel rain and bead water just like the real thing for up to 6 months per light application of our decoy spray


Increase the visibility of your spread and gain the edge in adverse conditions. Slow frost formation, sinking spreads, and prevent unnatural reflections

Penetrates the Surface

Fast-drying decoy spray quickly penetrates without coating the surface, extending the life and increasing performance while remaining environmentally safe


One can of decoy spray will treat up to six dozen standard mallard decoys or up to three dozen full-body goose decoys. That's as low as 50 cents per decoy!

Multi-Surface Decoy Spray

Wood, Canvas, Cork, Plastic, Nylon, Flocking, Hunting Gloves, Clothing, Gear, and more... A little goes a long way!

Additional Information

  • Enhances Natural Appearance & Colors
  • Adds Water Repellency 
  • Easy-To-Use Spray
  • Fast-Drying
  • Environmentally Safe

As low as 50 cents per decoy!

Revive, Repel, Reload! Reload! Reload! Add Decoy Conditioner to your spread!

16oz Aerosol Can

One aerosol can will treat up to six dozen standard mallard decoys or up to three dozen full-body goose decoys.

Flocked surfaces may require an additional light spray.

One light application will provide water repellency for up to 6 months and a long-lasting improvement on appearance.

Safe-to-use around pets and hunting dogs

Light vanilla fragrance dissipates shortly after application.

Duck Season Special Pricing!

Dakota Solutions Outdoors' Decoy Conditioner


One of the greatest aspects of duck hunting is witnessing their spectacular array of colors. From the stunning iridescent green head of Mallard drakes to the carmine red of Cinnamon Teal drakes the possibilities are endless. To catch the attention of those ducks as they fly overhead, your decoys should be as close to equally bright as possible. Decoys should also mimic the water-repellent nature of living ducks to be most effective.


Hunters know how it works: when decoys are new, they're at their freshest and brightest but with exposure to the elements and the passage of time, they become worn and faded. Enter Decoy Conditioner, the solution to extending the life and performance of your decoys. Decoy Conditioner is designed for hardcore bird hunters whose decoys see consistent use and require superior care to maintain a competitive edge.

Decoy Conditioner decoy spray


Decoy Conditioner increases water repellency of solid and flocked decoys, slowing frost formation, sinking spreads, and unnatural reflections. Water repellency is accomplished without any adverse effects on decoys’ appearances. In addition, this decoy spray acts as a penetrating color enhancer that can be used successfully on both well-used and brand-new decoys. A little goes a long way; a single can treats between three and six dozen so your entire spread is covered!

Official Licensed Product


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