General FAQs



  • DECOY CONDITIONER is a solution to a problem you know you have. Weather and use take their toll on our decoys. This product will REVIVE and enhance faded paint and REPEL water to slow the formation of frost & ice to prevent sinking spreads. Better yet, there is NO added shine or sheen!

Can I use DECOY CONDITIONER on new decoys?

  • Absolutely! DECOY CONDITIONER has been tested extensively on new decoys to provide added water repellency to slow frost and ice formation and prevent sinking spreads. It will only have a minimal effect on the appearance - color may be slightly enhanced with no added shine or sheen.

What kind of decoys can I treat with DECOY CONDITIONER?

  • DECOY CONDITIONER works on most decoys - Plastic, nylon, flocked, wood, canvas, Tyvek, cork and have even used it on our own hunting gloves, gear and clothing. However, we recommend testing in an inconspicuous spot first to ensure desired results can be achieved without undesirable discoloration or other unwanted effects.

Will DECOY CONDITIONER make my decoys shiny or glossy?

  • Nope! Our DECOY CONDITIONER will not add any unwanted shine, sheen, or gloss. It is designed to interact with the existing paint to revive and enhance the natural colors without these unwanted effects.

Is DECOY CONDITIONER a clear-coat?

  • Not even close! DECOY CONDITIONER is designed to penetrate and interact with existing paint to revive and enhance the natural colors that have faded as a result of exposure to the elements.

How many decoys can I treat with DECOY CONDITIONER?

One aerosol can of DECOY CONDITIONER will treat up to: 

  • six dozen standard floaters
  • three dozen full bodies
  • Flocking may require a second so you may get less coverage per can

How long will DECOY CONDITIONER last on a treated decoy?

Paint enhancement and water repellency will be affected by exposure to the elements and their handling.

  • The paint reviving effects of DECOY CONDITIONER will not simply "wipe off." Exposure to UV light from the sun degrades most paint and because this is not a clear-coat protectant, it does not prevent degradation, it revives faded paint affected by the sun. 
  • Water repellency will degrade upon contact with outside forces, for example - conditions of high wind creating wave-after-wave of water making contact with the decoy. You can expect the water repellency of a decoy left out in the spread to degrade after 2- to 3-weeks of "normal" hunting conditions. If your spread is pulled after each hunt, you can expect a dozen or two hunts before reapplication may be necessary. However, we have heard customers getting at least a full season of outings with a single application.

Will DECOY CONDITIONER prevent frost from forming on decoys?

  • No, DECOY CONDITIONER will not prevent frost from forming on decoys left out in the elements. However, floaters can be dunked to get rid of the frost without the water forming on the surface to freeze back up on the decoy. Because of the added water repellency, water drops will bead up and run  off with minimal movement. The same goes for floaters with snow accumulation. Field decoys will shed the water created by frost as soon as it returns to liquid form, speeding up the process and reducing the waiting time required for decoys to appear natural and perform.

Application FAQs


Do I need to prep the decoy before apply DECOY CONDITIONER?

  • If the decoy is dirty, we recommend either wiping the decoy with a soft-bristled brush or rinsing off any excess dirt or grime buildup. It is best to ensure the surface is dry before applying a light coat.

How to apply DECOY CONDITIONER? How many coats?

  • Apply a light, even coat of DECOY CONDITIONER to the surface (less than you would a can of typical spray paint). For extra enhancement or to ensure full-coverage, a second coat can be applied after approx. 30 minutes. For flocked surfaces, a second coat is recommended to ensure full coverage and achieve desired water repellency.

How often do I have to apply DECOY CONDITIONER?

  • It is not necessary to reapply after each use. DECOY CONDITIONER penetrates the surface and interacts with existing paint, it is not a coating and will not leave a residue on the surface. Because of this - you may also reapply as many times as necessary once the water repellency or effects on the paint have degraded.

What are the best conditions to apply DECOY CONDITIONER?

  • Temperatures between 60 to 80 degrees with low humidity are best. Ensure the decoy is dry and free of excessive dust and dirt. As with any aerosol product, 

Can I apply DECOY CONDITIONER over water or use it in my blind?

  • NEVER APPLY DECOY CONDITIONER TO A DECOY ON THE WATER. DECOY CONDITIONER is environmentally-friendly when fully cured and dry. However, we feel that NO products should ever be sprayed over open water out of respect for the environment and conservation. We also STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST SPRAYING DECOY CONDITIONER IN YOUR BLIND as they are generally enclosed areas with open flames (bacon!) The propellent in the aerosol is flammable.

How long will it take for DECOY CONDITIONER to dry?

  • DECOY CONDITIONER will dry to the touch within 3 to 5 minutes. You will see immediate effects on faded paint revival. Water repellency will activate within 10 to 15 minutes once the surface is fully cured.